Ladies Tote Bags

What Will You Put in Your Black Tote Bag?

Keys, cell phone, makeup, personal products, brushes and combs, money, credit cards, tissues, pens, checkbooks, lotions and potions – what WON’T you find in a woman's purse? If you are like most women, you have lots of stuff you like to cram into your handbag and take with you everywhere; after all, you never know when you'll need it, right? In this case, tote bags are the way to go.

What Tote Bags Have in Common

Today's designer tote bags look nothing like those old carryalls used to haul around groceries or beach supplies. Although they are usually rather large – at least large enough to fit all your most important possessions – leather tote bags in modern styles with fine embellishments are a fashion statement. A black tote bag can look just as elegant as an evening handbag, as long as it has the right details. Patterned, patent leather, fancy chrome strap rings and sophisticated embellishments are the perfect accompaniment to a chic outfit.

Leather Tote Bags Are a Professional Accessory

Of course, tote handbags are perfect for taking to the office, too. Large sizes can fit everything you normally put in your purse plus a tablet or other work necessities. Extra pockets help you keep it all organized and sturdy leather ensures your tote bags will stay beautiful and functional for years.

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